Almost 8 years ago, I was harmlessly looking at pictures of puppies. Papillons, Pomeranians, Chihuahuas and BOOM! Just like that, I saw a picture of a black and white Chihuahua named "Little Timmy". My heart stopped, I teared up, I squealed. This was MY dog. Without ever meeting him, I knew that he was going to be mine. Fast forward to March 2007. I went with my grandparents to pick up my new little baby. I can't explain the feelings I felt when I first saw him, and my world shattered with love the moment I held him. He looked up at me as I looked down. It was like we had finally found each other. I had finally met my soulmate.

Ziggy wasn't like ordinary chihuahuas. He was sweet and laid back. He touched the hearts of so many people, helped a few kids with a fear of dogs, knew when something was wrong and tried everything he could to fix it. I always wondered how he would be like if I ever had a kid, and shortly after, my mom sent me a video of her granddaughter tugging at him, and he just laid their besides her. He would stop in his tracks any time he heard a child. Always waiting to see if they were going to say hello. He was the perfect dog.

The massive amount of love I have for this his face is beyond anything I could ever imagine. I can’t even begin to comprehend how much love could be contained by my body for this little being. I remember having everyone tell me that the love you have for a newborn baby once you give birth couldn’t be matched by anything. They never told me that it would be the same with animals. It’s weird to explain that I feel that I birthed him, but my soul did, and we knew the moment we first met.

Ziggy was the love of my life, and it breaks my heart to know he isn't with me anymore.  I can't imagine a life without him, but I know his soul is with me, licking me as I sleep, nudging my feet when I walk and climbing up my legs when he wants to be held.

October 20th with always be an important day for me. It was the day my first dog Darby was born, and it was the day I had to say "I'll see you again" to Ziggy.

My always and forever, I hope you are breathing easy, running in endless fields of grass, and eating more treats than you ever imagined. I love and miss you.