Happy 2015!

I'm so relieved that 2014 is over. It has been my most tested and exhausting year thus far. The worst part is that I found out that Ziggy, the love of my life was ill in February, and later in October I had to say "I'll see you again". I had to shoot a wedding that I also set up, which I enjoyed, but it was indeed very stressful.  Constantly worrying about the wellbeing of my family has been a very big issue in 2014.

But, as it is a new year with a new beginning, I will share some good positive things from this 2014. It was the year that I said "Thanks for nothing!" to doctor's that were trying to experiment on 'what was wrong with me', and the year that I went and decided, "As long as I have a healthy spine, I should be fine." So I went to the chiropractor and well, it turned out I was better than fine. My seizures reduced, my anxiety reduced to almost nothing (almost) and the pain! The pain I experienced for 5 year of my life, gone. (mostly). The biggest accomplishment and commitment I have ever stood by in my life. 

Another good thing this year is the adoption of my two twin boys (My puppies). I'm not like most people who need to adopt right after their dog passes. I didn't really think I was going to have another dog for a couple of years. But one morning, as I'm missing Ziggy and having a dog sleep with me and lick my face in the morning, I go on my iPad and I'm looking at petfinder.com and I find all these cute puppies and dogs, then I land on two puppies and I'm showing my mom while she gets ready in the bathroom and we're just crying over the cuteness. Then out of nowhere, we hear something drop. When we looked to the ground it was one of Ziggy's bully-stick nub. Now, before I continue, we had pretty much cleaned and put away all of Ziggy's belongings since it had been awhile since he passed. Also, there was no way from where the bully-stick landed on my bathroom floor that there had ever been a bully-stick to be. I'm not really a religious person and I don't believe in the paranormal, but I knew it was Ziggy, and it was like he was giving us a sign that it was okay, (Not to mention, it was also the same day we got his ashes back). So that brings us to today. Jasper (All Black) and Murphy (Brown&White), my new boys in a great new beginning of 2015, knowing that Ziggy is watching over me and them. So here's to 2015!